Han Jimin 2
so what?
Name : Aeyoungiedo
Date of Birth : April 17th, 2002
thoughts: i don’t care, really.
Hello guys, lemme introduce ma self. My name is Ifa, but u prefer call me Aeyoungiedo. Aeyoungiedo is my Korean name’s, Do Aeyoungie. I love food, really. You also love food? Let’s be friend! I don’t have anything good with PhotoShop, be sure. I just wanna improve my skill to be more better. Just for information, I really love Girls’ Generation. Especially their members, I’ve called Yuri. She’s so fuckin’ adorable >< I also love Do Kyungsoo from boygroup EXO. I love both of them not too much, just feelin’ so happy when stalking their pic, of making fanfic, and shipping them with another ppl that i’ve liked too ^_^ Wanna ask me more and more? Go visit my page ><